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Automated qPCR Sample to Answer Disposable



This is the injection molded disposable cartridge used in the qPCR IVD device. The disposable cartridge is capable of accepting, blood, saliva, or FFPE tissue sample types. The cartridge has a filtration system for FFPE tissue samples, utilizes magnetic beads for DNA extraction, and has microfluidic channels for moving the sample into a fully enclosed chamber for PCR processing. The cartridge uses minimal parts in order to keep the cost under $1 at manufacturing quantities.


My Contribution:


I was the lead design engineer for the disposable cartridge from acrylic proof of concept cartridges through injection molded prototypes. I developed a  workable gravity filtration concept for processing FFPE samples that did not push the cost of the cartridge above the targeted cost of goods. I performed FEA analysis on the snap fit cap in order to insure the proper amount of force was needed in the addition of the cap.


•Injection molded part design

•FEA structural analysis

•Design of fluidic channel

•Magnetic bead wash well geometry design

•PCR well design

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